Paul Handover’s “Learning from Dogs” Book

The relationship between canids and humans goes back nearly 40,000 years, when dogs split away from wolves. With our dogs, we have traveled the ancient track from hunter-gatherers to modern humans.…

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13 thoughts on “Paul Handover’s “Learning from Dogs” Book

      1. Something about a Black Labrador Retriever! Chert Dog (Slovak for devil) healed my dad’s broken heart. His message is of unconditional love and forgiveness, not to mention his crazy pet-peeves (no pun intended) such as PIZZA and a button fetish! I promised him I would tell his story.


      2. I wonder why the Slovaks consider a black dog the Devil? I’m sorry but I missed why your Father had a broken heart? Nothing wrong with Pizza & we all need buttons. Your parents raised you well & now your returning some of that love by telling your Fathers story.Pat yourself on the back Lori.Good for you!

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      3. The word “Chert” means devil in Slovak; guess he was quite a handful as a puppy! Dads heart was broken from the sudden death of my Mom (*Grandma Marge’s daughter). Chert bit off ALL of Dad’s shirts that had buttons on them that he left hanging in the laundry room. Thanks for March coming in as a Maggie!


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