“MAGGIE GIRL” from Tofino Photography

Wayne’s incredible capturing of Maggie with clarity and majestic background is a tribute to the return of the bald eagle and the gift of nature. Thank you for Maggie, as it will now be a reminder of my Grandmother soaring above the hills and sky she so adored, as she would say “only God could create such beauty.”

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13 thoughts on ““MAGGIE GIRL” from Tofino Photography

    1. It was just too coincidental that you had sent me some photos of Maggie and my Uncle emailed about missing his mom, Maggie. Perfect time to post your beautiful photos! You and your family are so very blessed to be in such a beautiful place! Enjoy the beauty of nature and keep sharing it! Lori

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    2. You are so blessed to live in such a pristine natural environment with your closeness to Maggie! We are all here to encourage and assist one another, so it is my privilege to share your beautify photography with others! Anyway, “March didn’t come in like a lion or a lamb, it came in like a Maggie!” Blessings, Lori

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      1. Nature has that healing affect on our souls. I read today about when we get comfortable with something, it is usually time to stretch our wings. Taking those quantum leaps are where faith comes into play. Like pruning rose bushes. Mom used to say that sometimes God allows our hearts to be broken to beautify our souls. Those difficult times bear much fruit!


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