Enjoy the thrill-seeking, free-spirited “memory of a lifetime” captured on this video from the 23 minute segment onward! Wayne’s entourage of angels were working overtime keeping him protected that day! Psalm 91

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This was originally shot on June 23rd,2013.
A small pod of Orca’s came into Tofino inlet looking for a snack.
Whenever a pod comes into a area,they make their presence known by announcing themselves.They make certain sounds that are very recognizable to all listening! Everyone in the neighbourhood knows exactly who they are & what they want! So everyone swims away & hides.Usually in beds of seaweed.
Once the pod announces themselves,they fall silent.They move into each bay checking the seaweed beds for hiding prey.Once supper is found,it’ll try to make a run for it.Sometimes they get away……..& sometimes they do not.
This video shows the pod catching & killing a harbour seal in Rankin cove. Watch for a few of the blows to turn from white to a weak red colour!
After making the kill,the large male decides to come over to me for a visit.
He catches me…

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11 thoughts on “CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE ORCA KIND by Tofino Photography

  1. Dear Lori,

    Those animals are really wonderful. Their way of communication is even more complex than that of human beings as they have a wider range of sounds to give to each other.

    Thanks for sharing and all the best, dear friend 🙂


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