Sunshine Blogger Award


Many heartfelt thanks to Didi at Didis Art Design for nominating me for the β€œSunshine Blogger Award” and your beautiful art and insightful blog, artistic expressions and poems which convey spiritual concepts, knowledge and inner truth!

Please visit his site at

1.) Thank the person who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

2.) Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.

3.) Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

4.) List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.

My Questions:

1.) What kind of hobbies you have got?  I am blessed to be multi-talented so enjoy painting, sewing, playing the piano, reading and writing, Yoga and Pilates, and enjoy being out in nature be it hiking, bicycling, cross-country skiing or canoeing.

2.) What is most important for you?  My personal relationship with God.

3.) How can we achieve harmony between nations and people?  By intending on the highest vibration and frequency of love through all our thoughts, words and actions, we can transmute lower fear-based stories which are no longer serving our evolution process.

4.) What kind of improvements you suggest for your our society?  Again, we are here to love and nurture, encourage and support each other in our journey.  It is like that example of the difference between heaven and hell. Everyone is sitting around a big bowl of soup with very long handled soup spoons, too long to feed yourself.  But long enough to feed the person across from you.

5.) What is your biggest wish?  To fulfill my mission and purpose as to reach my fullest potential, and thereby assisting others in their transformation in the process.  A Win Win Win solution!

6.) What was your biggest mistake in your life?  Mis-takes are how we learn and evolve on the staircase of our lives.  In the movie industry, there is the term “take one, two, etc.” So my life has been a series of mis-takes of which I am still learning and growing from until I transition.  They are how we get our lessons vital for spiritual growth, knowledge, learning and mastery to ascension status.

7.) If you could bring in a new field of lesson in school-program, what would it be?  Multi-dimensional living and concepts on learning how to let go of the old stories, beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, etc., in our DNA from the past and intentionally through the energetic process restructure our DNA to be love based and not fear based any longer.  I see great teachings and systems with learning about life and spiritual concepts and how they apply to our new story with intention and alignment and doing what you love the core base value system connected to our innermost truth and placing God in the center, where everything flows together.  (i.e., God is LOVE).

8.) How to stop poverty in the world?  Again, this has to do with our old world concept/belief fear-base system.  Enough of abundant loving based thoughts being focused on this one issue can transform.  Look at the example of a water crystal given a loving energetic word and how it prospers into a brilliant sight to behold!  So it all comes down to the highest energy frequency vibration:  LOVE.  It is not just a word, it is energy, it is life, it is who we are and who we are meant to be and how we are meant to be towards one another.  Our thoughts create reality.

9.) Your most interesting book?  Since I am prolific reader, several to be certain!  I look at the Bible as a beginning footer foundation on a Rock with A Course In Miracles as the next layer of the foundation and countless other spiritual works to assist in developing an inner knowing truth vital to transform the chaotic energy around us at this most crucial time in our existence.

10.) What is the meaning of friendship for you?  Two hearts that meet in the middle and share their joys, sorrows, experiences, insights, hopes, dreams, laughter and truth with one another in a purely altruistic way.  Separate  yet joined on the spiritual level, so allowing for freedom, growth and joy on their individual journey of life.

11.) What means for you: β€œMan know thyself”?  I would have to say that until you go through “the dark night of the soul” you only have a glimpse of your potential abilities.  So by the inner work of the transformation from a chrysalis to a butterfly, you become true to yourself and then are able to move freely, being certain of your foundation and convictions to the very core of your soul.

My nominations are:


My Questions:

1.) When did you begin your blog and why?
2.)  Have your found your niche through your blogging?
3.)  Has the networking with fellow bloggers brought about new friendships?
4.)  What makes your heart sing with gladness?
5.)  Name one word which brings about happiness in your life.
6.)  What is important to you?
7.)  Can you maintain alignment and focus during challenging times and how?
8.)  Share one tool set that you have found useful in assisting in owning your own power with other people.
9.)  Are you expanding your horizons?
10.) Do you find that life is a series of spirals moving upwards?
11.) Name one place that brings you peacefulness and tranquility into your life.

Congratulations to all of you for your dedication in sharing your stories, art, photography, music, experiences and insight with one another, as the collective we are assisting to raise the vibration to make love the new foundation instead of fear.  Thank you all for your continued support in encouraging one another on this journey!



19 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Thanks, dear Lori, for your profound words written by your heart πŸ™‚

    Indeed, we need new values, strong values: like love one each other, see God in everyone – as He is the the creator, lets have respect to each other, so to be real brothers and sisters – old values as we can still see from the media manipulating people: with violence, sex and crime should be replaced with strong new values – of helping each other, that this becomes an honour for each of us.

    Thanks, for participating, dear Lori πŸ™‚

    One little thing: I am a man πŸ™‚

    But do not worry, main thing is we all are human beings πŸ™‚

    All good wishes

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Lori, thank you so much for your nomination and invitation. I enjoyed reading about your approach to life. I do believe that the energy each of us puts out impacts the world. At this stage of my blogging I have decided to not participate in award events as they tend to consume extra time which I need and want to offer to other parts of my life…but in the spirit of awards I will visit each of your nominees and of course I have visited yours and am impressed by your variety of creative modalities (music, drawing, photography, writing…). I wish you all the best 🌹🌹

    Liked by 2 people

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